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Modular Recirculating Clean Room System
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Air Crafters Inc. introduces the MCRS Series (Modular Clean Room Assembly System).  This light weight system is completely pre-fabricated and has been engineered for ease of assembly.  Available in standard kit sizes, it is also easily modified to conform to any custom configuration.  Utilizing our BFM Series (Motorized Blower Filter Module) this system can be designed to meet clean room classifications from 100,000 to 10.


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The room envelope is constructed of 10 ft. high, formed 16 ga. hollow steel wall panels.  These pre-fabricated panels are available in two widths, 24" and 36",  enabling this system to conform easily to most dimensional requirements.  Return air passages are internally located within wall panels.  Each wall panel is supplied with stainless steel return air grilles, or blank-off  panels to allow for future classification enhancements or new room layouts.  This system is available in a variety of colors and finishes.

The interior ceiling grid system is made from clear anodized aluminum T-type grid components.  Air Crafters offers three different system styles, adding further versatility to your clean room design choices. Our basic system, the CRG System which is 1 1/2"  T-bar and fully gasketed to assure component seal.  Our CSX System provides a more rigid mounting platform for your ceiling components.  This heavy gauge system is suspended via threaded rod and turn buckle assembly and is fully gasketed to insure positive seal.  The GSX System incorporates the latest advance in clean room barrier seal technology, incorporating non-Newtonian gel to provide a non penetrable barrier seal.  Classification rated ceiling tiles are provided with all assemblies.  All ceiling systems offered by Air Crafters will provide thoroughly sealed barriers against particulate infiltration into your clean environment.

The MCRS clean room system has been designed and engineered for fast, efficient assembly and installation without requiring the use of heavy lifting equipment.   

The non-progressive wall panels are easily installed into the sloped, stainless steel floor mounting track.

The wall panels are then fastened together using internally located hardware.  When completed, this wall system will provide a pharmaceutical grade smooth finished surface meeting FDA standards for sterility.  No raised surfaces are present at any panel intersection.  This modular system has been designed with a minimum of parts, many of which are interchangeable, making assembly fast and efficient.  Installation can be easily performed by in-house personnel or by our factory trained installers.  The rigid all steel construction, and durable finish of this clean room system permits easy modification to meet continuously changing needs.

Air Crafters pre-packaged modular air conditioning and control systems can provide comfort level cooling or precision temperature and humidity control  to meet the most stringent specifications.  This modular clean room can also be adapted to utilize existing facility air handling systems.

The MCRS Modular Clean Room system has been designed to provide rugged durability while providing long lasting aesthetic appeal.  This system has been engineered  for versatility and adaptability to allow conformance to the industry's ever changing requirements.  This system will ensure  that your clean room  remains an asset to your organization,  and never a liability.

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For more information on this system or to place an order, simply call Air Crafters. Each system shall be custom designed and tailored to your specifications and requirements.

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