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"Gel Seal" Ceiling Grid System
GSX System

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AIR CRAFTERS, INC. introduces its premiere clean room ceiling grid system. This product has been developed to perform under the most stringent clean room classifications and requirements. Our system has been designed and engineered to provide a total infiltration barrier against microscopic particulate migration and unfiltered air bypass into your absolute environment. Utilizing a non-Newtonian fluid gel which exhibits the self-healing properties of liquid while retaining the mechanical characteristics of a solid. This material effectively creates a total barrier seal when utilized in conjunction with our modular knife-edge and trough components and ceiling grid system. Developed for fast and easy installation, all components are snapped together and locked into place via built-in set screws. Our gel seal system can be assembled four times faster than any comparable system.

This system is totally modular and can be reconfigured or expanded when future needs demand. No field cutting or drilling is required during installation. The entire system is prefabricated at our factory to meet your specifications. Our GEL SEAL system will accommodate both teardrop and flow-thru luminaires as well as provide for sprinkler-head and electrical service penetrations. This is the finest ceiling grid suspension system available today. We at AIR CRAFTERS are proud to offer this quality product to our customers. We assure your satisfaction.

Thank you for considering AIR CRAFTERS for your airborne contamination control needs.

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  • Heavy gauge aluminum extrusion with white powder coated finish.
  • Clear anodized finish on filter frame.
  • Cast aluminum intersections.
  • HEPA filtration modules 99.99% efficient @ 0.3 microns.
  • Turn-buckle connection points for suspension.
  • 2-part gel seal component system, low outgassing.
  • Tear drop luminaire light fixtures.


  • ULPA filtration 99.9995% efficient @ 0.12 microns.
  • Electrical penetration kits.
  • Sprinkler head penetration kits.
  • Flow-thru or lay-in troffer light fixtures.
  • Runner extrusion kit for conveyer suspension
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  • All filters are PSL challenged at factory to insure media integrity.
  • Certificates of conformance are available upon request.
  • This system meets or exceeds standards as specified in Fed. Std. 209 E
  • AIR CRAFTERS inspection reports available upon request.
  • Approval drawings available upon request.
  • USDA approved.
  • Seismically qualified for uniform building code zone 4.

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Ordering Information:

For more information on this system or to place an order, simply call AIR CRAFTERS.
Each system shall be custom designed and tailored to your specifications and requirements.


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